11 Amazing Reasons to Grow Your Own Mint


Mint is easy to grow, so easy in fact, that if not planted in a pot it will multiply like a weed and take over.  When harvesting mint, gently pinch leaves as close to the next set of leaves as possible.  This will encourage it to grow more.  You can grow mint even if you don’t have outdoor garden space, as it likes a sunny windowsill.

Mint is extremely well known.  It is in everything from ice cream to toothpaste.   I have always thought that mint ice cream tasted like toothpaste.  I never saw the point; I was going to brush my teeth anyway.  I will have coconut ice cream.  Anyway…

Amazing reasons to grow mint:

  • cures hiccups
  • alleviates menstrual cramps
  • fights dental diseases
  • treats bug bites
  • heals sore throats
  • soothes abdominal pain
  • stimulates digestion
  • eases headaches as well as back and neck pain
  • decreases stress and depression
  • improves acne
  • remedies colds

The best part about growing it is its always there.  You don’t have to get a new prescription, wait out the weekend, and hope its not a holiday.  If you love beauty, those mint leaves are always at your fingertips.

An important note is to consult your doctor before using mint if you have GERD.  Sources do not agree whether the use of mint is safe in pregnancy, but note it is not safe for nursing mothers.  It should be avoided by children.  This is the medicinal use of the herb; cooking does not seem to be a problem. 

A bonus of cooking with this amazing herb is that it cuts down on the use of salt.  How exciting is that?  So go grab a  plant if you don’t have one already:  I found mine in the produce department of the grocery store.  Keep coming back to learn amazing ways of using your mint.

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  1. Deborah Davis says:

    I have always love mint tea, but my appreciation for it really escalated when I was on vacation in Morocco. Tea houses were on every block and the refreshing aroma of mint filled the air. The waiter brought a clear glass mug stuffed with fresh mint and poured hot water over the mint as you watched. Most Moroccans added sugar to their tea but that was optional for me since it was on the side. I developed a new appreciation for powerful flavor of fresh mint tea in the tea rooms of Morocco. Thank you so much for sharing 11 Amazing Reasons to Grow Your Own Mint with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I am so delighted that you are partying with us! I’m pinning and sharing.

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