Arnica Benefits for Athletes

Arnica Benefits for Athletes-

The marathon was coming up.  She had trained and trained. Mile after mile.  Week after week. And then, it happened so quickly. She had a sprained ankle. Now introducing arnica benefits, so she can stay active.

Many think that since a sprained ankle isn’t a break, its an unseen injury and once the initial pain goes away, doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  It can lead to chronic pain, becoming an ankle that one can tell the weather by, always giving trouble.  Chronic ankle joint instability, consequently that ankle will never function quite the same again.  And early-onset arthritis in that joint.  Journey with me as we see how arnica can help.

Arnica pops up its cheery face in Russia and Central Europe.  It also grows in Canada and Northern America. It even grows in Alaska!  It was used as an herbal remedy back in historical times.

Arnica Benefits:

Some Cautions…

Stop using arnica if you get a mild rash.  Do not use on broken skin or in an open wound.  It irritates the stomach when used internally, so its best to use externally.

My Final Thoughts…

It seems to me that modern medicine just doesn’t know what to do with sprains.  They throw some pain medication that direction, and call it a day.  When I sprained my ankle, my doctor did exactly that. She wasn’t even going to order crutches, though I couldn’t walk, and wasn’t able to for the next seven weeks.

Arnica is an herb to be respected, though every pharmaceutical medication needs that same respect.  The amazing thing is it doesn’t have a huge list of side effects that the pharmaceutical medications have.  And there is something to be same for that.

Need some arnica?  Get some shipped right to your door!

Other herbs that are good for bruises include chamomile, calendula, and lavender. With all these amazing herbs available, there’s no reason not to stay active…. Try some arnica, if you haven’t already.

Let’s Talk…

What have you used arnica for? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Deborah Davis says:

    My husband and I have used Arnica occasionally for pain relief. I am so delighted that you shared this healthy, powerful home remedy – Arnica Benefits for Athletes – at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing this! All the best, Deborah

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