Chicory’s Benefits in Health & Frugality

Chicory's Benefits in Health & Frugality-

School just let out, and its been a rough week.  My kid was sick quite a bit in the last month or so, so we’ve been playing catch up.  I almost had to sit on him to get him to do his work.  Let’s face it, everything gets better with coffee.  One of chicory’s benefits is the roots can be dried and roasted to taste like coffee, without the caffeine!

Missing homework and lots of it make for some early mornings and late nights.  Add to that a three year old who doesn’t like anything you served her last time.  Though it was her favorite then!  Between the homework and the constantly changing three year old, mom is tired! Let’s explore how chicory can help!

Chicory can be cultivated, but it also grows wild, almost everywhere. Cracks in the sidewalk, along the side of the road, much like pineapple weed.  In fact, I saw some by the side of the road on my way to school this morning. It historically journeyed to the U. S. with colonists, though it can be traced back to the Roman era.  She graces us with her beautiful flowers opening them only five hours a day. Her greens taste better than dandelion greens.

Chicory’s Benefits

  • Regulates milk production in lactating mothers
  • Treats eye inflammation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Decreases blood sugar
  • Improves anemia
  • Improves jaundice
  • Relieves skin eruptions associated with gout
  • Promotes digestion
  • Diminishes risk of heart disease
  • Battles cancer
  • Weight management
  • Fights stress

Chicory’s greens can be used in salads.  Drying and grinding the roots can make a healthy coffee substitute.  The flowers may be used as medicine.  And since it grows practically everywhere, this plant can save you a lot of money in medicine, coffee, and food.  Happy foraging!

Notes of Caution…

Chicory should be avoided in pregnancy.  Nursing mothers should use only moderation.  In addition, persons with gallstones should avoid excessive use.

My Final Thoughts…

I have always loved the shade of blue that adorns this amazing herb. There is something soothing and restful about it.  I had no idea of the numerous benefits it boasted.

Believe it or not, I drink decaf coffee to help me wake up.  Because it has no caffeine, I think it is just the warm liquid.  It has to have hazelnut creamer and plenty of sugar.  So chicory coffee would fit the bill just perfectly.  Besides, everything is better with coffee!

Need to grow your own chicory?  Get it shipped right to your door.

Let’s Talk…

What have you used chicory for?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Deborah Davis says:

    It’s so great to learn that chicory root can be dried and roasted to taste like coffee, without the caffeine — among other healthy uses. I am so delighted that you shared your healthy, valuable insights regarding the benefits of chicory with us at the with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  2. April J Harris says:

    I have heard of chicory, and had it in salads in restaurants. I was really interested to read about how good it is for us, how versatile and also to see how pretty it is! Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

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