Delightful Cilantro Tea

Delightful Cilantro

The clock read 3 am.  Instead of being off in dreamland, she was wide awake.  Blast that insomnia! For once the kids were all asleep. The to-do list for tomorrow was long, not to mention soccer practice for both boys, and ballet for her daughter.  Why, oh, why, couldn’t she sleep? In times like this, tea is always a good idea.  Try this Delightful Cilantro Tea.

In my humble mom mind, loss of sleep is the worst form of torture. Those kids already know how to push the buttons, and being tired just aggravates it.  Tears are closer, and the baby is already crying. The messes are just more irritating.  But let’s just skip all of that and get some rest with this amazing tea.

Cilantro Tea

Making a tea such as this one is super simple.  Set your water to boil.  In the meantime, take your kitchen scissors and cut about two teaspoons of leaves.


If you would like a stronger cilantro flavor, crush the leaves with your fingers.  Throw them in your cup and steep for five minutes.  I didn’t remove my leaves before drinking, as they are large.

Sweeten to taste.  I found it very mild, and didn’t need any sweetening.

Some Cautions…

If you take prescription medication, please check with your doctor before drinking this tea.  For pregnant women, the jury is still out whether this herb is helpful or harmful during this time.

My Final Thoughts…

Cilantro has some incredible benefits.  With just a cup of this tea, the anxiety and stress can just melt away!  I highly recommend stopping everything for a few minutes to sip this tea.  That’s part of the recipe!  Though I realize that sometimes babies do not allow for that.  Just do the best you can.  Just remember: Tea is always a good idea!

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Let’s Talk…

Have you tried Cilantro Tea before? Let me know in the comments.

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