Comfrey Benefits and its Powerful Punch

Comfrey Benefits and its Powerful Punch-

I was a single mom at the time, with a four year son.  We had recently moved to our own little house, and there were curtains to be hung. Without a ladder, I had to get creative.  A dining room chair, with my son’s step stool would just about do it.  Except it didn’t, and I fell.  I had never twisted an ankle before, so I figured the pain would go away soon.  My son looked on, saying, “You should have been more careful.” How I wished I had known of comfrey benefits for a speedy recovery then.

After the pain subsided a bit, I mowed the lawn.  Hey, I hadn’t even broken anything before. By this time, the swelling began in earnest. The next day, I got some crutches and would be hobbling around on them for the next seven weeks.  Getting around at work was challenging, and I ended up with a desk job during that time.  My four year got chores for his smart remark!  Actually, he was lucky he got meals, so he had to start loading the dishwasher.  Grocery shopping was difficult, and when I got a motorized cart, I could hit everything in the store!  Maybe if I had known about comfrey right away, I could have avoided all that misery.

Comfrey is one of those herbs that our ancestors used, and modern medicine has discontinued its use of it.  People in the Middle Ages used to bathe in it.  They grew it in their gardens, so they had it at their fingertips.  It grows like crazy, much like mint.

Comfrey Benefits:

  • Heals diabetic sores
  • Treats burns, bruises, fractures, sprains
  • Remedies insect bites
  • Eases sore throats
  • Alleviates coughs
  • Fights tumors
  • Battles gout

Some Cautions…

Internal use may result in liver problems.

My Final Thoughts…

It is so fascinating to me that this incredible herb is so beneficial for fractures and sprains. Conventional medicine’s answer to a sprain like mine was pain medication.  Some weeks later, it was the chiropractor, who I happened to see for other issues, who got me walking again.  How I wished I had known of comfrey benefits for a speedy recovery then.

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Let’s Talk…

What have you used comfrey for?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Judy says:

    How do you use it for sprains? Wrapping it around the injury? How about the other maladies? I have comfrey, but so far have only used it to put around my tomato plants.

  2. Taylor-Made Homestead says:

    (hope you don’t mind my leaving a comment here…) Just dropped by to let you know the blog post listing over 30 great homesteading/simple living sites (including yours!) sorted by state has been published. What a great resource for all our readers! I’m hoping all the blogs included on this list will share it on their site too for their readers to enjoy, as well as sharing on social media. Here’s the link –> Thanks!

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  3. Holly says:

    Great post! I planted comfrey mostly for rabbit food (we raise rabbits), but I’ve always wanted to apply it medicinally as well. It also makes for great bee food and compost. It’s good to find so many uses for it, because it can take over quick! Thank you for sharing your experience, I will definitely try to use it more in the future. 🙂

  4. Jann Olson says:

    I have either Comfrey or Borage in my herb garden. I always get the two mixed up and am not sure which it is. Any way to tell the difference? Good to know that it helps heal! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Marla says:

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful health benefits of Comfrey. congratulations on being featured on Healthy happy Green & Natural blog hop! Herbs have so many healthy benefits to offer us if we just take the time to learn about the.

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