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The oak tree grows natively here and many other places.  While it is sometimes used for shade, mostly owners are annoyed by its acorns.  Yet, in ancient times this was a great sources of food for Native American Indians.  It’s bark, acorns, and leaves were used for its healing properties.

In history, the oak has played a part.  It is known as the king of trees in Britain and Ireland.  And aptly named, for its roots extend as far into the ground as the branches extend into the sky.   We should give it more power too, much as the Native Americans did.  They did not have health care costs as we do today.  And we have the same resources they did.

Healing Benefits of the Oak

  • Regulates elimination
  • Treats frostbite
  • Cures gingivitis
  • Alleviates sore throats
  • Fights fungal skin infections
  • Battles inflammation, including diaper rash
  • Control bleeding

Some Caution

The use of the oak for healing remedies should not extend for longer than four weeks at a time.

My Final Thoughts

My husband has some Native American blood and the Native American culture has fascinated me for some time.  But I was not aware of the oak’s healing powers until I was researching for this post.  However, I have made some acorn flour.  In ancient times, acorn flour was used to make a porridge for patients with degenerative diseases.  It was unclear whether it was a cure or just palliative treatment.

While processed foods and pharmaceutical medications are getting a bad rap because of their extensive processing, there are millions of acorns falling to the ground.  At the time of this writing, it is fall.  So while I am not going to say that acorn flour is the best one out there, it certainly is one of the most natural.

Now you will look at the oak through different eyes.  It’s majestic branches offer you health and healing day and night.  Don’t pass it by.

Need an oak tree?  Go here.

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  1. Jann Olson says:

    I love oak trees and oak brush. I planted a tree out back, but it is struggling. I keep hoping it will make it. I had no idea about it’s healing power either. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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