Fresh Ginger Tea

Fresh Ginger Tea-

It’s that time of year – springtime.  Beautiful wildflowers adorn the fields and trees begin to bud. And the temperature changes.  Cold, then warm, and back to cold again, all in the course of a day. Little ones get sick; colds and the flu.  Why not doctor them at home with fresh ginger tea?

Ah, its springtime, at least.  The birds are singing.  There are fields of golden yellow — the wild mustard.  Tulips adorn yards around town.  Temperatures grow warm during the day, and nobody knows what to wear.  Moms know that laundry doubles this time of year. Sigh!  We are about to breathe a sigh of relief that winter sickness is over.  Just kidding!  My oldest is usually home with a fever just before spring break; this year no exception.  My littlest one upchucked all over Easter dinner last year.  Nurse them back to health with some ginger.

Fresh Ginger Tea

This tea is super easy to make.  Get some root and peel it.  I just used my handy carrot peeler.  Or is it a potato peeler?  And then I grated it.

Steep about 1 tablespoon per cup for about ten minutes.  No need to strain.  You can garnish to suit your taste.  Perhaps some mint leaves, honey, fresh lemon juice, or some cinnamon sticks.

I found this tea had a little bit of a kick to it.  I added lemon juice and cinnamon sticks and that really toned it down.  You can also drink it cold.  If its warm outside, your little ones might prefer a cold version.

My Final Thoughts…

Many times when a child has a fever or the flu, the first thought is to rush him to the doctor.  For minor things, I feel its best to treat little ones at home, or big ones!  This way, no new germs are introduced. And it saves you that waiting room time with a fussy little one in tow.

Need ginger?  Go here.  For more of the amazing benefits of ginger, read my full post here.  The next time your little ones come down with something, don’t forget to doctor them at home with fresh ginger tea.

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