Get Your Calm On With Lemon Balm


Today I hit the jackpot.  Okay, my bank account balance still shows about the same, and I don’t gamble.  But I happened to pick up this little herb today at the nursery, having no clue how much it was really worth.  I feel like I stole it.  I mean, I had heard of lemon balm before, but I didn’t know what it was for, how it was used, or anything along those lines. 

It grows everywhere, so I know where I am going to plant mine.  I have a bed dedicated to herbs that grow wild and out of control.  At present it has mint, chamomile, and oregano.

An interesting fact is Charlemagne had lemon balm growing in all the monastery gardens.  Obviously, he knew of its great value!

Together, let’s explore the healing benefits. They are:

  • aiding in weight loss
  • soothing shingle pain
  • relaxation
  • wound care
  • morning sickness
  • easing menstrual pain
  • regulating moods
  • reducing fever
  • alleviating headaches
  • curing earaches
  • promoting sleep
  • may increase lifespan


Do you see what I mean?  This is like the cure-all herb.  That isn’t even an exhaustive list.

Take care, what time you use lemon balm, as it can make you sleepy.  It’s best to take at night. 

It is safe for children, and good for use in hyperactivity.  In addition, it eases infant colic.  So give some to mom, give some to baby, and hope everyone is asleep soon!!

Effects on pregnancy and lactation have not been studied, so check with your doctor.

In addition, if you have thyroid condition, this herb may interfere, so seek your doctor’s advice.  As always, check with him/her if you are taking prescription medications before using. 

So tell me if you knew of lemon balm before reading this post.  Be the first to comment!!

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