Get Your Holiday Energy Boost with Sunflower


Sunflowers are just a bright spot of cheer.  A huge bright spot of cheer.  I think part of it is the color yellow.  It just makes you feel happy.

Native Americans were the first to use sunflowers in this country.  They used the entire plant; seeds, flowers, roots, and stems.  If chickens eat sunflower seeds, they lay better.  The seeds contain little sodium and cholesterol.  They help the liver discharge glycogen into the bloodstream, leaving you feeling energized.  Those tiny little seeds have great powers.

Sunflower Health Benefits

  • Aids in blood clotting
  • Helps in heart disease and diabetes prevention
  • Assists in elimination
  • Restrains coughs and colds
  • Mood enhancer
  • Soothes nerves
  • Holds off migraines
  • Ease menstrual pain
  • Alleviate high fevers
  • Boost appetite
  • Cancer prevention
  • Regulate thyroid function

The seeds are high in vitamins and minerals, therefore great for snacking on.  There are bowls of them in the Russian train stations for that very purpose.  They can be roasted as well, and then ground into a drink similar to coffee.  Just think about it, an energy boost that fights colds.  And none of the effects of caffeine.

An additional bonus is that it is safe for baby during pregnancy.  It will also boost the milk supply of lactating mama.  Just keep that bowl of sunflower seeds handy!

If snacking is not your thing, you can soak the seeds and toss them into your soups.  And it is soup time of year.  And then you can throw them in salads, which often accompany soup!

There is also sunflower seed butter that I have not tried yet, but my friend raves over.  She says it is sweet.  I eat peanut butter like its going out of style, so maybe I should give the sunflower seed butter a try!

Some Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the power of the tiny sunflower seed.  It may restore or maintain your health.  Try it today!

Can’t grow sunflowers just now?  Get seeds here.

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  1. Randi says:

    I always make an attempt to grow sunflowers in my garden every summer. They are so pretty!!! I’d love it if you shared this on my December linkup!!

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