Have a Cup of Tea! Today’s Flavor: Basil


One of the ways to use your basil is fresh basil tea.  While you can buy fresh basil at the grocery store, what happens when your supply runs out?  Read my post here to learn where to buy your own basil plant. 

Why should you drink this strange substance instead of simply taking a pill?  Basil tea benefits include:

  • relieving stress
  • combating sleeplessness
  • alleviating painful menstruation
  • dull headaches
  • easing allergy symptoms

In my personal experience, a cup of this tea will keep my allergy symptoms at bay for the entire day.  My husband broke his neck a few years ago, and a residual effect is headaches.  Fresh basil tea relieved his pain as well.  The best part is basil has no side effects. 

Let’s make a cup of tea.  It is so easy.  Start by boiling water.

boilingwaterbasilteaPour over about five basil leaves in your favorite teacup or mug.  We are not so fancy here, as I have a two year old running underfoot.  So this is my inspirational mug.

basilteasteepingLet it steep for five minutes.  Remove the leaves.  Sit down and relax.  See, easy as pie!  Oh, wait, this is tea we were talking about.  Have a cup of tea!!

Note:  The flavor of this tea is so mild, no sweetener is needed.

Need basil?  Go here.

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