Miner’s Lettuce and The Quest for Wealth

Miner's Lettuce and the Quest for Wealth-http://thymetoembraceherbs.com

Gazing around the grocery store,  you see processed food everywhere.  The produce has been sprayed with pesticides. What else is there?  You are about to give up in despair.  How can you feed your family healthy foods without the chemicals?  Quietly growing in the woods is your answer: Miner’s lettuce.

Chemicals are everywhere.  In the air, on our food, in water.  Doesn’t that about cover it all?  Food is now grown sprayed with pesticides so the bugs don’t get it.  Air is polluted with exhaust and smoke. Water collects whatever is in the air and purposely put into it. Maybe a few bugs would be better than the chemicals covering it. Air and water?  Well, we are at other’s mercy. But wait! Food grown in the wild, uncultivated by man’s hand, has not seen the pesticides man’s other cultivated crops have.  Miner’s lettuce grown deep in the woods or along a country road meets this description.

It was the miners that first named this lettuce, for they found large quantities of it.  It sustained them through hard times.  Though it is an annual, it replants itself through its own seeds.

Miner’s Lettuce is good for a body cleansing.  When eaten, it cleanses the blood. It will keep elimination regular.  The best part is you can eat it in salads and it has a pleasant taste!  Unlike the wild mustard! When a regular salad is had, it’s high vitamin C content provides 1/3 of the needed requirements per day!

My Final Thoughts about Miner’s Lettuce

People have many, many health problems  these days.  They deal with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and heart problems, to name a few.  They often have to go out on permanent disability and are unable to work.  Life at home is filled with pain — not a fun existence.

Miner’s Lettuce can be found free, growing in ideal conditions, free from pesticides and chemicals.  It offers health, both in maintenance and restoration.  If you have health, you have wealth, as my mom always used to say.  With health you can do anything, especially acquiring wealth!

Need to grow your own Miner’s Lettuce?  Get the seed here.

Let’s Talk…

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  1. April J Harris says:

    I had never heard of Miner’s Lettuce before! What an interesting looking plant and such amazing health benefits too. Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  2. Jann Olson says:

    I have never heard of Miners lettuce. Love the pretty bloom. I plant my own lettuce for Spring and summer. Would love to find seeds for this! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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