Nasturtium Leaf Tea

Nasturtium Leaf Tea-

Germs, germs, germs, everywhere you look.  Germs on the door knobs, germs on the phone, germs on the computer keyboard, germs on the faucets, germs on the steering wheel.  Need I go on?  It’s time for tea!  And this amazing Nasturtium Leaf Tea will boost your immune system!

With germs everywhere,  they can lead to the common cold, with sniffles and a cough.  They can result in a sore throat, or even strep throat.  Or maybe the flu.  Any one of these maladies can cause misery.  What better remedy than to treat them with Nasturtium Leaf Tea!

Back in the day before most women worked, the womenfolk would visit each other over a cup of tea.  While I am not sure what type of tea it was, this one would boost their immune systems, thus keeping them well when there was much work to be done.  Who had time to be sick when there were clothes to be washed by hand, butter to churn, meals to cook over a wood stove, canning to be done, candles and soap to be made…

Nasturtium Leaf Tea

I used about seven nasturtium leaves for this tea.  Though you could use about 2 teaspoons.  They were of varying sizes, as I grew my own.  Pour boiling water over them, and steep, covered, for ten minutes.  Remove leaves.

This tea is very mild, though you could sweeten to taste, with honey, sugar, or stevia.  Garnish with a nasturtium.  A side note: you can eat the garnish!  Nasturtiums pack an incredible amount of health.

My Final Thoughts…

I think this tea is perfect for a womanly visit complete with some mothering advice from one older woman to a younger one.  That’s probably something I need right now, my 3 year old won’t stay in bed. Or just a cup of tea between friends.  A boost to the spirits for everyone.  It’s time for tea!

Need some nasturtiums?  Get them shipped right to your door.

Let’s Talk…

Have you tried Nasturtium Leaf Tea before?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Nina says:

    I love nasturtiums!! I pipe herbed cream cheese or goat cheese into the flower, roll cheese mixtures in the leaves, put the blossoms and leaves in green salads and decorate fruit salads so beautifully it would almost make you cry. Of course a nasturtium vinegar or tea is always on my list as well. Can’t live without them!!

  2. Jann Olson says:

    I know that Nasturtiums are edible, but again; would not have thought to make tea with the leaves. Thanks for sharing the recipe with SYC.

  3. Deborah Davis says:

    It’s great to learn that Nasturtium Leaf Tea can boost the immune system. Thank you so much for sharing the health benefits of Nasturtium Leaf Tea with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

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