Nettle’s Cure-All


Nettle is an ancient medicinal remedy used frequently thousands of years ago.  But it wasn’t limited to medicine.  It was used for linen and was very durable.  In addition, ropes and fishing nets were fashioned out of nettle.  During wartime, it took the place of cotton.

You can guess from the title that nettle does some pretty amazing things.  I think I would market it just as the title proclaims if I were in a bygone era.  It could certainly put the pharmaceutical company out of business.

I have not had many encounters with nettle, other than a stinging rash when I brushed up against as I was in a wedding barefooted.  Little did I know that I should have gotten some of its juice for the pain.  Like I had time with a wedding going on!

Nettle Benefits include:

  • Ease allergy symptoms
  • Bleeding cessation, both internal and external
  • Helps developing baby grow strong
  • Increases milk production for lactating mother
  • Cures celiac disease
  • Treats arthritis
  • Improves fibromyalgia
  • Alleviates sciatica pain
  • Fractures kidney stones
  • Safeguards against tumors
  • Aids in weight loss

Some Cautions

It may take up to 30 days to reach its full potential.  If you are taking prescription medications, please check with  your doctor before using.

Some Final Thoughts

This herb seems to work on just about everything.  And the best part is it grows wild.  It just doesn’t get better than that.  There are so many benefits to this herb, I can’t possibly list them all.  Well, maybe I could try, but you might not be able to comprehend its magnitude.

So if we take a look at just the highlights, pregnant women and nursing mothers should ingest nettle.  People who suffer from celiac,  yours truly included, and those going through fibromyalgia may benefit from this herb.  And let’s not forget those struggling with weight loss, this is for you.

Experience nettle today!

No nettle nearby?  Go here to get it shipped right to your door.

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  1. JES says:

    Our farm is loaded with nettle so I loved what you shared here. I do make a nettle tincture for allergy season and it does help! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂

  2. All that's Jas says:

    I love nettle! I planted it in the wooded area of our backyard and always mix it with spinach. It tastes amazing and it’s so healthy! Thank you for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.

  3. Jann Olson says:

    The only nettle I am really familiar with is stinging nettle, which we avoid. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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