Now You Can Drink Mint Tea and Have Amazing Health Benefits

mint-teaJust drinking a cup of mint tea can have some amazing health benefits. Or three cups.  In Morocco, they drink it after every meal.  In social gatherings, they even question their friends to find who can make  the best cup of mint tea.   As I am sipping my own cup, I am finding that using fresh leaves makes a huge difference. 

Now onto what you have been anxiously awaiting, why drink of cup of this tea? Healing benefits include:

  • soothing sore throats
  • neutralizing acids, such as heartburn
  • easing stomach cramps and promoting digestion
  • alleviating menstrual cramps/pain
  • treating acne
  • fighting irritable bowel syndrome
  • boosting immune system
  • assisting in weight loss
  • reducing stress and promoting relaxation
  • brain boosting
  • increasing alertness

Fall is coming on, and apparently germs are starting to fly at school, work, and daycare.  I know this because I am starting to see sales on medications again.  Okay, okay, I will admit it, I am a crazy couponer.  And that is a story for another day.  So anyway, I really like the fact that mint tea gives our immune systems that boost they need to fight those germs. 

Let’s make some of that tea!  Sources disagree on whether to chop the leaves or brew them whole.  In this case, I am a busy person, which a lot of you are, and I just brewed them whole.  If you want to see my pan of boiling water, go to my post here.  You could use peppermint tea leaves, or spearmint, which I used this time.  Place 7-8 fresh mint leaves in a cup.  Pour boiling water over leaves.


I steeped it for five minutes and then just left the tea leaves in.  I drank my tea hot, however, one source said to drink it cold.  So check the temperature outside, and then decide how you want to drink it.

There are some precautions and considerations to take into account before consuming mint tea.  Go to my post here to read all about it.

Ready, set, go!  Get that water boiling!

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