Queen Anne’s Lace: Elegance and Health

Queen Anne's Lace: Elegance and Health-http://thymetoembraceherbs.com

After a late bedtime trying to finish laundry and cleaning up messes created by little fingers, getting up in the morning is a challenge. The alarm goes off, and snooze is hit 15 times.  Coffee, NEED COFFEE! But wait, what about the caffeine?  Reach your wake up place with Queen Anne’s Lace!

The time change and the resulting longer daylight hours trick the brain into thinking the day is longer than it is.  Just one more project to finish, one more mess to clean up.  The bed is finally reached, but the alarm is set for its usual time.  Brriiing….  Quick, hit snooze.  Except the baby heard the alarm.  While the clock says the usual wake up time, it feels like the middle of the night.  Eyeballs are glued shut with sand.  If only coffee didn’t have caffeine! Journey with me as we discover how Queen Anne’s Lace can help!

This incredible herb has been used in a variety of ways.  It was used in perfumes, as floral arrangement, to season food and as a sweetener, has graced salads, and its flowers were even used in baked goods.  The most interesting fact is the roots were ground up for coffee!

Medicinal Uses of Queen Anne’s Lace

  • Battles bacterial infections
  • Treats sores and ulcers
  • contraceptive aid
  • Keeps kidney stones at bay
  • Boosts appetite

Some Cautions…

Do not use during pregnancy.

My Final Thoughts…

I have always loved the Queen Anne’s Lace.  When I studied wildflowers, I always thought yarrow could never compare with the Queen’s elegance.  They grew in the same area.

What I find fascinating is that the use of the seeds was mankind’s birth control method until we got our modern methods.  They are used much like the morning after pill.  No prescription needed.

And those early mornings that just seem impossible?  Getting out of bed insurmountable?  Reach your wake up place with Queen Anne’s Lace!

Need to grow some Queen Anne’s Lace?  Go here.

Let’s Talk…

Have you used Queen Anne’s Lace before?  What have you used it for?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Deedy says:

    Used the flower for many years as Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly…yummy. Will read up on other uses. It grows wild just about everywhere here, especially in fields and along roadsides. D.

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