Russian Penicillin


My husband complained of facial pressure and nasal stuffiness.  His nose just wouldn’t quit running.  He couldn’t smell.  He was all congested.  Yes, he had a sinus infection.  But I was ready! You see, nature makes penicillin, and we had some.  Russian Penicillin, made from nature’s finest ingredients!

Sinus infections can be miserable, especially if left untreated. Symptoms can worsen.  Fever can result, as well as bad breath. Fatigue, and dental pain.  Why go through all that, if you can avoid it?  Let’s make some of this amazing Russian Penicillin and you can see how easy it is.

Russian Penicillin

It takes two ingredients, that probably most of you already have. Prepare a grapefruit by peeling with a carrot peeler.  Maybe you call it a potato peeler.  Peel the paper peelings off a whole bulb of garlic, then cut off the ends.


Cut the grapefruit in half, then in wedges.  I’ve only sliced half the grapefruit in wedges so you can see the process, but the penicillin needs the entire grapefruit.


Take a large knife and bruise the garlic cloves.  This will allow the oils to release.

Place grapefruit and garlic in a large pan with 2 quarts of water.  It’s canning season, so I have a bunch of quart jars around my kitchen.


After bringing the penicillin to a boil, simmer for 20 minutes.  Remove from heat.


Strain grapefruit and garlic from penicillin.  I just used a colander.

Drink 6 ounces or 3/4 cup three times daily.  I just used a measuring cup to get the dosage right.  I think my fancy measuring cup with the ounces on it broke, so I am grateful for metal measuring cups.  Store in the refridgerator.

Garlic has some amazing benefits.  The next time you have an infection, don’t forget, nature has penicillin too.  It just needs a few helping hands to prepare, and a stove to boil and simmer.

Need grapefruit or garlic? Get it shipped right your door!

Let’s Talk…

Have you made Russian Penicillin before? What have you used it for?

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