St. John’s Wort Benefits and Your PMS Symptoms

St. John's Wort Benefits and Your PMS

Her muscles ached.  She couldn’t sleep.  Her abdomen was bloated, making her feel like a beached whale.  Wouldn’t you know it, her face was all broken out.  Wasn’t that stuff just for teenagers? Everything set her on edge.  Her crying one minute and laughing the next drove her husband crazy.  And the depression was enough to sink her.  It was one of those Keep calm and nope lost it days.  If only she knew how St. John’s Wort benefits those PMS symptoms.

Sometimes PMS symptoms are crippling to a woman.  She must call in sick to work or miss school. And it happens every month during fertility years.  So let’s see how those St. John’s Benefits can ease some of that.

I love the cheery St. John’s Wort blossoms, don’t you?  A glimpse of those yellow blooms  (even in a picture) are great for January when snow and ice buries part of the country!  In other places, such as here, we are in the middle of a big rainstorm.  Did you know that the color yellow stands for freshness, happiness, and energy? So, I like to bring in a bit of yellow for those very reasons in the middle of January!  Thank goodness for computers and internet!  What in the world did they do before? It does a number on the brain. I love that it grows in patches, resulting in a lot of beautiful yellow flowers.

St. John’s Wort benefits were not a secret back in ancient times. History tells us that Greeks recommended their use even back in the first century.  However, in my work as a home health nurse, none of my patients take this, though said to be a common supplement. That’s not to say that some of them don’t need it. It’s unfortunate that I am not in a position to recommend it.

St. John’s Wort Benefits:

  • Ease depression
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Boost appetite
  • Lessen ADHD symptoms
  • Promote sleep
  • Stabilize mood
  • Calm PMS symptoms

I find it fascinating that St. John’s Wort benefits children with ADHD.  Sometimes children diagnosed with ADHD take adderall, which helps with the ADHD symptoms, but it also takes away the appetite.  These children struggle to gain adequate weight.  With St. John’s Wort, it is beneficial for boosting appetite and helping those ADHD symptoms. Lemon Balm is also an excellent herb for hyperactivity.

I love that it is good for depression.  This is something I struggled with during high school and college.  While some of it was situational, I am sure this cheery little herb would have helped. While my parents advocated natural remedies, they were more along the lines of garlic and hydrotherapy. There are so many people that struggle with depression, more than are even diagnosed.  Often left untreated, either for denial or lack of proper insurance. I am so happy that this herb addresses this as well.

And then there’s PMS,  the one thing that curses many women.  It just makes us grumpy when those symptoms strike. And the men in our lives just don’t understand.  Though they all think they do!  All the bloating and mood swings.  I am so excited to learn of something to ease some of that!

More St. John’s Wort Benefits…

Another benefit of St. John’s Wort is its effects on seasonal affective disorder. This is a disorder I haven’t dealt with much.  It is my understanding that it affects people in areas such as Alaska, where sunlight is scarce at times, and perhaps Seattle where they get a lot of rain.  And of course other places where similar conditions are present.  Sometimes people don’t have options where they live, and so it is so interesting that there are natural remedies that help such conditions.

An amazing benefit that I really love is the fact that it promotes sleep.  I truly believe that lack of sleep is one of the worst forms of torture. It is the reason I started sleep training my babies to sleep through the night when they were just a week old.  I realize there are many reasons for lack of sleep or insomnia, I was going to eliminate one possible one! And then there are people that just can’t sleep when given the opportunity, no matter how much sleep they are running on. Finally some help for this baffling condition!

In years gone by, people have used this powerful little herb for snake bites and reptile bites. With its ability to grow even in the poorest of conditions, this made it handy when needed.  As cities and towns grew with the population, I am sure there were fewer bites needing treatment.  Though its good to know for those who still like to hike and backpack the back country.

So Many Good Benefits…

Another benefit of this herb is its usefulness to help children with bed wetting.  After age 7, this condition becomes a concern.  It keeps kids from going to camp, sleepovers, and sometimes boarding school during the high school.  It definitely causes embarrassment. It is captivating to learn about this way to help this problem.

In addition, St. John’s Wort is good for malaria.  Now there are different types of malaria, though all caused by a mosquito. Often sufferers were missionaries, either long term or even short term to places such as Africa.  One of my friends has recurring malaria. Sometimes I feel so bad for him, that he still suffers periodically. This is good news for him.

Another of the St. John’s Wort benefits is its ability to balance hormones.  So many people have a hormone imbalance causing weight gain, depression, and inability to sleep, all of which hinders their daily lives.  But this incredible herb can help balance those hormones.

Using St. John’s Wort…

Forms of this amazing herb  include oil, capsule, tincture, and its fresh form.  Each has its own use.  Need some St. John’s Wort? Get some delivered right to your door!  This one even has a coupon for your first order. Win, win!  Do you love coupons as much as I do? Okay, maybe you don’t have hundreds of coupons at all times like I do. But that’s a story for another blog post!

Or maybe you have your own patch of St. John’s Wort growing right at your fingertips. Or as the case may be, your doorstep.  When I was a little girl, we had numerous huge patches (is it called at patch?) growing on our property. I am sure my mother had no idea of its incredible medicinal use, because its purposes only seemed to be ground cover and beauty.

Some Cautions…

Children should be closely monitored for allergic reactions when using St. John’s Wort, in addition to GI symptoms, such as diarrhea and upset stomachs.

In addition, please consult your doctor if you take prescription medication before taking St. John’s Wort, as there may be some drug interactions.

Persons with schizophrenia and bipolar should not use this herb.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should refrain from use.

Rare side effects that may occur while using this herb may include dizziness, confusion, nausea, and fatigue.

Where to Find St. John’s Wort…

St. John’s Wort functions as ground cover in many places.  At least that’s what I think.  It originated in Europe but has migrated to Canada, South Africa, Australia, and the states of California, Colorado, and Arizona.  It loves sun and poor growing conditions. That means that perhaps I could grow some with my black thumb! What people don’t realize when they gaze at its beauty in full bloom is there is a pharmacy right before their very eyes!  And none of the high pharmaceutical costs!

The Story Behind the Name…

Historians have some interesting theories about how this unique name came into play. Apparently the cheery blooms open right around June 24, widely recognized as John the Baptist’s birthday. Picked flowers release a red substance which some believe symbolize his spilled blood. Back in ancient times, English used the word “wort” for a plant or herb. So there you have it. A story within a flower.  While I don’t particularly have a love for history, when it comes to life like this, I am all over it.

My Final Thoughts…

I love the simplicity in this simple little herb, yet its vast number of uses.  It’s kind of like the more natural you go, the more benefits you get, and the less side effects.  It could hold the key to peace and happiness, and change quite a few lives. If nothing else, that gorgeous yellow color can boost some spirits!

I am quite sure that you will never look at a vibrant patch of St. John’s Wort the same way again.  I know I won’t.  It is my hope that you will utilize the powerful St. John’s Wort benefits for health and to maintain it. Remember it when you have one of those Keep Calm and nope lost it days!

Let’s Talk…

What have you used St. John’s Wort for? Let me know in the comments.

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