Summer Herbs: Recipes and Remedies

Summer Herbs: Recipes and Remedies-

The aches and pains have struck again.  Yesterday my husband was having back troubles and I had a kink in my neck.  We had some inflammation going on.  Journey with me as we discover summer herbs for health and healing.

Inflammation and the resulting pain can be tough when there is a little one in the house.  Baby or toddler, they just don’t understand. They still need diapers changed or to be taken to the bathroom; not to mention, snacks and drinks made.  They still want their same routine even though mommy and daddy are in misery.  Let’s see how herbs can help.

Summer Herbs

This post is views taken from around the blogosphere all about herbs for your health and enjoyment.  The best part is I get to narrate it and put in my two cents.  But isn’t that what writing is all about?

Let’s start with that inflammation we were talking about. Susannah from Healthy Green Savvy has a wonderful Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie with Purslane, Pineapple, and Ginger.  The combination sounds incredibly earthly, I mean, anything with purslane sounds completely natural, right?  And ginger has so many incredible benefits.  And you never know, use of that ginger may give you that health boost you were always looking for.


An herb that I have only recently learned of its medicinal properties is the beautiful hibiscus. Michelle over at Seeking Joyful Simplicity gives a wonderful history, talks of its health benefits, and even gives some recipes.  No reason not to try hibiscus at your earliest opportunity.


She introduces Herb-Infused Cordials, something I was not familiar with.  I love the history associated with it, and anything used in historical apothecaries fascinates me.  She even includes recipes for several different kinds.  Being a non-drinker, I appreciate that she includes a non-alcoholic recipe.


While I’ve tried to be open to all different kinds of berries, there are still some that I have yet to come into contact with.  Because I am frugal, if it doesn’t grow around here, I am not as likely to have it shipped in.  But then there’s the black currants, that I may just have to change my mind on. Kris over at Growing Wild Roots gives some amazing recipes in her 7 Ways to Use Black Currants. That ice cream looks so good, I might have to grow some black currants!


Something most of us struggle with, especially if you are young mom, trying to juggle everything, is stress.  There’s never enough time to get everything done.  And then the baby starts teething, and doesn’t sleep all night!  Grr!!  Michelle over at Seeking Joyful Simplicity offers her Four Herbs for Managing Stress. She includes how to prepare them, and where to obtain them.  Being a nurse, I love how she included cautions when using each herb.


There you have it!  Different views on summer herbs for healing and healing.  And the recipes to keep you from shooting in the dark!

Let’s Talk…

What herbs have you used this summer? Let me know in the comments.

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