Thyme for Tea

thyme-teaA cup of thyme tea has some amazing benefits.  It’s easy to brew, and relaxing to sip.  Though it can be made with the dried herb, this post discusses tea made with fresh thyme

Health benefits of thyme tea include:

  • treating alcoholism
  • curing pneumonia
  • easing whooping cough
  • soothing gas
  • fighting colds

How incredible are those benefits?  I daresay most of you have one or more of those conditions at some time.  With fall coming on–yes, its the first day of fall, those cold germs are starting to fly.

So let’s make some of that tea.  While you are boiling water, strip the thyme leaves off their stems.  You need just a tablespoon.

thyme-stemsI just ran my thumb and forefinger against the stems.  I think a few on the top ones fell in, but they are tender and fall to the bottom with the rest of the leaves.

thyme-leaves-cupPour the boiling water over the leaves and steep for two minutes.


Sit back and enjoy!!

For precautions and considerations, go to my post here.

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