Winter Basil Propagation


Winter basil propagation is essentially the same as summer basil propagation.  As I was developing this post, I realized that I will also have to do a summer propagation post, as they have a few differences.  Though at this point I will have to wait until summer to do that, because I didn’t take any photos when I was doing it this past summer.

I bought my first basil plants from the grocery store.  I planted them all together in my pot, thinking it was all one plant.  In reality, it was about four.  I still have much to learn about herb gardening.  Meanwhile, I decided I wanted more basil plants, but I didn’t want to buy them.  So I determined to propagate.

Winter Basil Propagation


I pinched off the tops of the basil, leaving about a two inch stem.  Now, they usually don’t have that much space between leaves, so trim off the bottom leaves.  They should look like the ones in the picture above.  Your basil tops are now prepped.

Put them in a clear glass or jar of water.  My mother has had success with any cup in her window, but the roots won’t grow as long as fast if the container isn’t clear.


Place in a sunny window.  You will need to change the water every day.  I have my little jar in my dining room window, so right after I get my daughter’s cereal in the morning, I change out the water.  We have propagated quite a bit of basil lately, and she always knows whose basil it is that we are propagating at the moment.  She’s two!

During the wintertime, the process is slower, I think due to cooler temperatures.  So the picture on top is the basil after 3.5 weeks.    I brought my basil in this year, so it wouldn’t freeze.  It’s just not looking as perky right now as during the summer and fall.

How easy was that?  Now you can either multiply your own crop or gift to friends and neighbors.  I’ve had so much fun sharing!  Basil is an amazing gift because of all its health benefits.  You can drink it.  You can have it for breakfast.  You can bake with it.  You can have it for dessert.  Need basil now?  Get a mother basil here.

Let’s Talk…

Have you ever propagated basil?  What time of year was it?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. NotJustAMom says:

    Well…my daughter and I attempted to but we didn’t use a clear glass. Sadly we failed. I did bring in my large container that has basil, sage and garlic. Hoping to have success with that.

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